The folded strip is the perfect solution for modern architectural requirements. Due to the special coating, this aluminum can be classified as hard roofing with fire protection class A1. Due to their extraordinary suppleness, the aluminum strips and aluminum sheets are easier to form than most comparable seam materials and thus offer the planner a wide range of creative roofing applications. The house skin folding strip is made of special aluminum alloys for the "folding technology" application area. The color coating is applied using the coil coating process, this two-layer stove enamel is permanently weather-resistant. The aluminum strips and sheets can also be used for any details such as chimney surrounds, wall covers, verges and much more.

  • Easier to form through a special rolling process
  • High-quality Pearls look, which promises easy cleaning and an intensive color
  • NOW NEW: Folding band color in zinc gray patina

haushaut Falzband Coilware Blech Aluminium
Technische Daten
Coil ware dimensions:    500 mm, 600 mm and 1000 mm   
Dimension sheet material:     1000 x 2000 mm and 1000 x 3000 mm
Thickness: 0,7 mm
Weight of Coil goods 60, 250 and 500 kg (approx. 1,89 kg/m2)
Weight of Tableware: 3,78 kg (1 x 2 m), 5,67 kg (1 x 3 m)
Roof pitch: from 7˚ depending on the type of folding
Hardness grade: H41
Coating: LK 1
Anthrazit, Pearls
Anthrazit, Pearls (ähnlich RAL7016)
Braun, Pearls
Braun, Pearls (ähnlich RAL 8019)
Grau, Pearls
Grau, Pearls (ähnlich RAL 7005)
hausgrau, Pearls
hausgrau, Pearls (DB703)
Schwarz, Pearls Aluminium haushaut (ähnlich RAL 9010)
Schwarz, Pearls (ähnlich RAL 9005)
Silber, Pearls
Silber, Pearls (ähnlich RAL 9006)
weiß, foliert Aluminium haushaut
Weiß (ähnlich RAL 9010)
Zink Patina
Zinkgrau, Patina