The Canada shingle made of color-coated aluminum could already inspire over 10,000 customers after the "endurance test" of 40 years in the Canadian climate. This robust roofing with Pearls-optics gives especially buildings with traditional lines an incomparable charm. Due to the special embossing in 3-D-optics the Canada shingle gets a natural stone-like character. Depending on the laying pattern, an individual appearance can be created. Various connections and endings as well as claddings of dormers, fireplaces and verges are possible with this shingle. A very simple and quick installation also allows a considerable saving of installation costs.

Kanada-Schindel Produktbild Dach Aluminium Schiefer Schieferoptik Sanierung Neubau Anthrazit
Technische Daten
Visible surface: 445 x 230 mm
Thickness: 0,6 mm 
Weight: 2,54 kg / m2 
Need: 9,8 pcs. / m2
Roof pitch: from 25˚
Fire behavior: Class A1
Durability: > 20 m Coil-Coating 
Anthrazit, Pearls
Anthrazit, Pearls (ähnlich RAL7016)
hausgrau, Pearls
hausgrau, Pearls (DB703)
Rot, Pearls
Rot, Pearls