Creative roofing ideas using square shingles

Square shingles provide maintenance-free and storm-proof building cladding. The folding technology is concealed and tightly interlocks the aluminum shingles together. An all-round sealed seam prevents water entry even under high winds. From roof pitches of 25 degrees, aluminum shingles are an ideal roof covering with a unique look. Any shape can be manufactured from accessory strips to give an individual look.

  • Anthrazit, Pearls
    Anthrazit, Pearls (auch in stucco)
Technische Daten
Visible area, M:    330 x 330 mm
Visible area, XL: 510 x 510 mm
Thickness: 0.7 mm
Weight, M: 2.76 kg / m2
Weight, XL: 2.40 kg / m2
Requirements, M: 9.18 pcs / m2
Requirements, XL:    3.85 pcs / m2
Roof pitch: 25˚
Fire behavior: Class A1
Durability: > 20 m coil coating