Rectangle shingle for clearly defined roof shapes and structures

Aluminum shingle in a rectangular form gives roofs a straight-lined, classically elegant look and structure. The tightly interlocking folds and concealed fastening of rectangular shingles guarantee a weather-resistant roof membrane. Prevention of water entry is guaranteed up to a roof pitches of 20 degrees. The shingle has a particularly practical format to make laying very simple and efficient. Shaping and reshaping can be made from the aluminum shingle accessory strip.

  • Anthrazit, Pearls
    Anthrazit, Pearls
Technische Daten
Visible area: 510 x 310 mm
Thickness: 0.7 mm
Weight: 2.87 kg / m2
Requirements:    6.33 pcs / m2
Roof pitch: 20˚
Fire behavior: Class A1
Durability: > 20 m coil coating