Shingles for aluminum roofs

haushaut shingles made of aluminum make perfect roofing material. Canadian shingles, square shingles and rectangular shingles form a weather-resistant roof membrane to ensure secure protection for your building. The tightly interlocking folds of individual shingles are highly stable against storms and prevent water entry and damage to insulation. Easy shaping and reshaping enable new designs and the covering of molded elements such as dormers, chimneys, gable boards and attics. Aluminum’s lightweight permits the use of shingles on almost any type of roof truss.

Benefits of aluminum shingles

  • Extremely lightweight - only 2.8 Kg / m2
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Folding technology
  • Concealed mountings
  • Maintenance-free and storm-proof
  • Roof pitch up 25 degrees