Aluminium roof systems from haushaut

The advantages speak for themselves! When you think of roofs, you probably don't think of aluminum on the roof at first. But especially with the increase in extreme weather conditions and the growing demands on the roof, the aluminum roof has gained a massive popularity in recent years. While aluminum roof shingles have been used in mountainous regions for decades (aluminum is extremely light and resistant), the aluminum roof shingles from haushaut (Canada shingle) with their unique appearance have now been able to convince even in urban regions. Thus it combines the positive characteristics of aluminum roof systems with the optical requirements of the modern building owner.

These aluminum shingles are also available in other shapes and sizes. Whether a square aluminum shingle, a rectangular aluminum shingle or perhaps also as an aluminum seam roof, haushaut offers with the aluminum roof complete package different forms for any application.

The aluminum shingle can also be used for facades, parapet cladding, as roof edge trim or as gable or dormer cladding. Here the advantage of the aluminum facade cladding is that you never have to repaint, as is the case with many conventional ETICS (thermal insulation composite facades).

You are welcome to have a look at the aluminum roofs and facades of haushaut in your region. Just write to us and we will send you a reference object list.

The roof acts as a protection of the interior of your building against sun, weather and other penetrating influences. Climatic conditions, building materials and building styles must be taken into account when designing the roof construction and the roof - skin. With a suitable skin for your aluminum roof, not only functional requirements are met, but also completely new design possibilities for your individual needs are developed.

Whether cold roof or warm roof - the skin made of aluminum is suitable for every substructure. With a warm roof, the aluminum products are applied directly to the insulation layer, whereas with a cold roof, a space is provided for ventilation. Due to the low weight of aluminum, this type of roof - skin is also particularly suitable for lightweight roof trusses. In contrast to a conventional tiled roof, the weight of an aluminum roof is less than 10%. Despite the low weight, the material is ready for any weather. No matter if snow masses, storm or temperature fluctuations, the roofing remains break-proof and stable due to the interlocking elements. In addition, the variety of colors of the coating offers you an individual design possibility.


  • LONG-TERM – self-protection by oxide layer of the aluminum and highest stability with long term guarantee
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Through durability and stability
  • ECOLOGICAL – 96% recycling rate, each layer can be removed individually
  • LOW-WEIGHT – Optimal for light roof trusses. Less than 10% of the weight of conventional covering materials
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – breaking strength and highest stability in all weather conditions
  • MODERN DESIGN – malleable for every roof shape as well as different design possibilities through color variety