Aluminum designs for roofs

Roofs protect the interiors of your buildings from the sun, the weather and other invasive factors. Climatic conditions, building materials and architectural styles must be considered in the design of roof constructions and roof membranes. The right aluminum membrane for a roof not only fulfills functional requirements but also gives options in creatively meeting individual needs.

Aluminum membranes, whether for rear-ventilated or non rear-ventilated roofs, are suitable for any substructure. In single-layer roofs, the aluminum products are superimposed directly onto an insulation layer. Insulated roofs in contrast are provided with a space for ventilation. Due to aluminum’s low weight, this type of roof membrane is also particularly suitable for fragile roof trusses. An aluminum roof weighs less than 10% of a conventional tiled roof. Despite the low weight, aluminum is equipped to cope with any weather condition. Whether snow-masses, storms or temperature fluctuations, the roofing remains strong and indestructible due to its interlocking elements. A diversity of color coatings also enables individual styling.

Benefits of aluminum roofs

  • DURABILITY – Self-protection through the aluminum’s oxide layer and the highest levels of sturdiness with long-term guarantees
  • COST-EFFECTIVE – Through durability and sturdiness
  • ECOLOGICAL – 96% recycling rate, each layer individually removable 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – Ideal for fragile roof trusses. Less than 10% the weight of conventional roofing materials
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – Break resistance and maximum sturdiness in any weather conditions
  • MODERN DESIGN – Malleable to any roof shape as well as styling options in a range of colors