hauskrawatte for style in detail – aluminum gutters and downspouts

Under the hauskrawatte brand name, haushaut has developed a new and unique aluminum solution for conventional gutters and downspouts. The hauskrawatte is not just roof drainage but individual and stylish features for your building. In addition to draining off water and protecting roofs and facades, the aluminum gutter and accessories also fulfill a design function. The special PEARLS look is the focal point which makes the popularity of this distinguished roof drainage unstoppable. It is a perfect combination of gutter, downspout and accessory made of color-coated aluminum strips. Together these make up your building’s accessories and, like fashion accessories, create the perfect finishing touch.

The gutters and downspouts perfectly match the aluminum strips and sheets, composite panels and facade panels which also come in the PEARLS look. This makes the gutters and downspouts exceptional design elements in keeping with the motto "style in detail". Your roof drainage system is your building’s "necktie" and can be individually styled according to your wishes to match roofs, facades and windows.

A special feature of aluminum gutters is glued rather than welded joints. Glued joints are more durable than welded joints and are therefore also used in aircraft and vehicle construction. The material is not exposed to welding heat so it retains its original strength and gives your hauskrawatte products greater durability than conventional roof drainage systems.

Overview of the benefits of hauskrawatte:

  • Braun, Pearls
    Braun, Pearls
  • Anthrazit, Pearls
    Anthrazit, Pearls
  • Grau, Pearls
    Grau, Pearls
  • Hausgrau, Pearls
Technische Daten
Gutter dimensions (semi-round):    5-piece (400), 6-piece (333) Hausgrau only 6-piece, 7-piece (280)
Downspout dimensions: DN 120, DN 100, DN 80
Gutter lengths: 3,000 mm and 5,000 mm
Downspout length: 3,000 mm
Thickness: 0.7 mm
Coating: color coated, pearls