haushaut – roofing and facade products made of aluminum

haushaut is a German company based in Cologne and has belonged to the owner-managed POHL Group since the beginning of 2015. For more than 100 years, POHL has been one of the market leaders in providing high-quality metal facades. 

We use this know-how to develop unique aluminum roofing and facade systems which are being used predominantly in the new construction and renovation of family homes and apartment blocks. Our vision is to deliver practical solutions and technical expertise combined with aesthetics. Personal contact and working closely with customers are our top priorities. We aim to develop with you the right envelope which molds itself to your building like skin to the human body. Our product range for roofs and facades is therefore as follows:

  • Small-format roofing and facade systems: Canadian shingle, square shingle, rectangular shingle
  • Elements of facade cladding: aluminum composite panel, façade panels
  • City metals: aluminum strips as coil and sheets, accessory strips
  • hauskrawatte: complete system of roof drainage consisting of gutter, downspout and all accessories 
  • Accessories: accessories for all systems





The skin is the most important and largest organ in humans. It protects us over our lifetimes and is able to regenerate by itself.

haushaut products are made of aluminum. A material that has proven its longevity and resistance many times over. By forming an oxide layer, "A SKIN" of aluminum builds a protective barrier.



Skin is reforming itself all the time and due to its low weight does not burden the body.

haushaut products are recyclable. Their extremely low weight makes them particularly suitable for lightweight roof trusses.



Skin adapts to temperature! It is extremely elastic and light.

haushaut products also adjust to temperature fluctuations and can withstand severe storms by being securely fixed.



Skin ages with us – but remains beautiful throughout our lifetimes. It is malleable and adapts to every body.

haushaut products have colors, structures and the malleability to enable individual design options for your building envelope.