Square shingles for traditional and modern facade claddings

Facade cladding using square shingles give buildings a scale-like look which can complement traditional styling as well as give expression to modern architecture. Square bases give the facade a diagonal structure. The matt and stylish “Pearls” structure also provides a resistant surface and radiates elegance, especially under variable light conditions. Folding technology connects the aluminum shingles firmly together and ensures maintenance-free and storm-proof building envelopes. Any molding-type can be supplied and manufactured from accessory strips. Square shingles meet the desire for innovative cladding on gables, dormers and chimneys. Their small dimensions also make them suitable for flat construction systems.

  • Anthrazit, Pearls
    Anthrazit, Pearls (auch in stucco)
Technische Daten
Visible area, M:   330 x 330 mm
Visible area, XL:   510 x 510 mm
Weight, M: 2,76 kg / m2
Weight, XL: 2,40 kg / m2
Requirements, M: 9,18 pcs / m2
Requirements, XL: 3,85 pcs / m2
Thickness: 0,7 mm
Fire behavior: Class A1
Durability: > 20 m coil coating