Canadian shingle for resistant facade cladding

Canadian shingle made of color-coated aluminum is an impressive facade cladding with special embossing in a 3-D look to give a natural stone-like character. Its appearance complements modern architecture and emphasizes a natural effect in older buildings thereby retaining their charm. A lightly textured "Pearls" coating and embossing give this aluminum shingle a slate-like look. The low thickness of aluminum also allows an extremely flat construction to make Canadian shingle optimal cladding for gables as well as for entire facade surfaces. Furthermore, simple and fast laying onto boards or lattice saves on installation costs. 

  • Kanadaschwarz
  • Hausgrau
  • Oxidrot
Technische Daten
Visible area:     445 x 230 mm
Thickness: 0,6 mm
Weight: 2,54 kg / m2
Requirements:    9,8 Stk. / m2
Fire behavior:   Class A1
Durability: > 20 m coil coating