The Hauspaneel – a simply beautiful and beautifully simple facade panel

The Hauspaneel impresses with its unusual structure. Due to their irregular edgings, these facade panels change appearance according to the sun. In addition to being aesthetic, the edging also fulfills a stability function to provide greater resistance using the same material thickness. The butt joints between each panel creates a high-quality design feature to enable the Hauspaneel to meet requirements of modern architecture.

Das haushaut-Hauspaneel für die Fassade
  • Anthrazit, Pearls
    Anthrazit, Pearls
  • Braun, Pearls
    Braun, Pearls
  • Grau, Pearls
    Grau, Pearls
Technische Daten
Visible area:  2,300 x 185 mm and 1,150 x 185 mm
Thickness: 0.7 mm
Fire behavior:    class A1
Durability:    > 20 m coil coating