All good things come in threes! Your benefits using haushaut!

Aluminum – ecological and lightweight

Our vision is to enhance in equal measure the value and impact of buildings. Sustainability and resource efficiency are the main demands on architecture of tomorrow. With a lightweight aluminum roof membrane, buildings not only meet aesthetic requirements but also possess the requirements for a responsible future. Ultimately, every building has a duty to cultural, urban, ecological and economic factors. Aluminum is pioneering the way here. It has a recycling rate of around 96 percent. The long-lasting material can be infinitely recycled without losing quality thereby setting ecological benchmarks. With high-quality facades and roof solutions from haushaut, you support the increasingly important criteria of sustainable architecture – of a forward-thinking world of construction using innovative and efficient technologies.

In addition to its excellent environmental balance, lightweight aluminum of just 2.8 kg per m2 is resistant to all external influences. It is ideal for renovation projects, and the ultra-thin roof membrane is perfect for lightweight substructures. Due to their low weight, haushaut systems will not strain your building.

Aluminum – weather resistant and maintenance free

Aluminum not only gives an impression of easy and everlasting properties. The ultra-thin but extremely strong oxide layer of aluminum means corrosion-resistant roofs and facades from haushaut permanently resist strong temperature fluctuations and UV rays. Thanks to secure fixing, they can also cope with storms and enable maintenance-free use. In times of climate change when storms and severe weather are becoming increasingly violent, weather resistance is a major advantage over conventional roof and facade claddings and avoids recurrent maintenance expenses. Aluminum solutions score points not only on weather resistance but also on installation options. Due to its temperature stability, aluminum is easier to install than other materials even during cold seasons.

Aluminum – modern and durable

The demand for high-quality architecture is growing especially for high levels of functionality. The weather-resistant properties of aluminum solutions make them durable and particularly cost-effective. The durability of haushaut systems pave the way to meeting your aims.

Inspired by human skin that matures with age without losing functionality, haushaut designs are timeless statements. Aluminum cladding is therefore an easy choice. We go at your pace from both design and processing perspectives. We realize your creativity with round, square, rectangular or any extra special shapes. As a modern building material, aluminum opens up almost limitless options for color and shape and represents the optimal link between function and modern design. “Haushaut” is therefore the tailor-made envelope for your buildings.